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Bio-Nano-Mechanical Characterization Laboratory (BNMC)  lab is dedicated in the area of Bio and Nano materials engineering with a focus on the combined experimental characterization as well as computational analysis of mechanical properties, stress/strain, and microstructure of engineering and biological materials and their applications in advancing manufacturing and materials processing technologies, engineering design analyses, and biomedical sciences and engineering.


Finite Element Analysis: A new clinical tool to assess boneQuality

We are working on to measure bone quality of osteoporosis patient. Osteoporosis diseases is now a days second most important health care problem, ranked by World Health Organization.

By using Finite Element Tool, we are measuring bone quality. In this study we are simulating the bone behaviour at different type of physiological loading condition. This study will be used to doctor for early prediction of osteoporosis induced fracture and effect of different medication on bone strength with time.

This research is conducted in collaboration with group and expert of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh.



                     Finite Element Mesh of Bone                           









     3D image bulging of the skin








Furthermore, we shares an Veeco multimode Atomic Force Microscope (over $270,000), which can test force as small forces, which is a key nanotechnology instrument for visualizing and characterizing the properties of nano-/bio-materials.



Nano Indentation images:

Bone Indentation Image



Compressibility of Collagen Molecule  




Wasp Wing Material Characterization 

                      Indent on alumina with 500µn force

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