Graduate Students


  Name:                                           Karanvir Saini

  Faculty Supervisor(s):                     Dr. Navin Kumar, Dr. Satwinderjit Singh


  Year of joining:                                2010-2015

  Department:                                   SMMEE

  Areas of Research:                         Molecular dynamics simulations and nano-indentation

  Status:                                         Alumini


                                        Karanvir Saini holds M.Tech (Design Engg.) from IIT Delhi and B.Tech (Mechanical Engg.) from PTU, Jalandhar and has been pursuing PhD at IIT Ropar since July, 2010 as ‘Institute Fellow’. He is currently working on determination of mechanical characteristics of metal nano-wires, nano-composites and biological materials using atomistic modeling and experimental techniques.



  Name:                                  Abhishek Kumar Tiwari

  Faculty Supervisor(s):             Dr. Jitendra Prasad and Dr. Navin Kumar


  Year of joining:                       2011-2016

  Research Interest(s):              Orthopaedics biomechanics, Bone adaptation algorithms,

                                                Bone fracture healing

                                         Status:                                      completed


                                         After completing his ‘’Bachelor of Technology degree in mechanical engineering’ ‘from Uttar Pradesh Technical University in 2011. He has joined in School of Mechanical, Material and Energy Engineering at IIT, Ropar as a Research Scholar in 2011. He is currently working on ‘’Numerical Modeling of Long bone cross sectional adaptation due to strain environment induced by mechanical stimuli’’ under guidance of Dr. Jitendra Prasad and Dr. Navin Kumar.

  Name:                                          Deonath kumar

  Faculty Supervisor(s):                     Dr. Navin Kumar, Dr. Vishwajeet Mehendia.


  Year of joining:                              July - 2015

  Department:                                  SMMEE

  Areas of Research:                          Mechanical characterization of the of soft tissue: Experiment and modelling.

  Status:                                           Full time


                 Deonath Kumar is active in area of "Mechanical characterization of the of soft tissue: Experiment and modelling" at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (Punjab), India as Ph.D Scholar under Dr. Navin Kumar and Dr. Viswajeet Mehendia since July - 2015. He has received M. Tech. in Mechatronics (Department of Mechanical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology Patna (Bihar), India in 2015 and B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T. Muzaffarpur (Bihar), India in 2011.                                                                           

Name:                                           Ram Naresh Yadav

 Faculty Supervisor(s):                    Dr. Navin Kumar


Year of joining:                             January - 2015

 Department:                                SMMEE

 Areas of Research:                       Biomaterial characterization, FEA, Biomechanics ,Closed loop drug delivery system

  Status:                                       Full time


                             Ram Naresh Yadav received his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Technical University in 2013. He has been working as a research scholar in School of Mechanical, Materials and Energy Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, since Januaryr 2015. His research area includes mechanical and structural characterization of bone with metabolicdiseases, and its finite element modeling to predict bone strength. 

Name:                                               Rakesh Das

 Faculty Supervisor(s):                        Dr. Navin Kumar


 Year of joining:                                January - 2016

 Department:                                   SMMEE

 Areas of Research:                           mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of natural structures, soft tissues

  Status:                                          National Post Doctoral Fellow (Funded by SERB-DST) 

Mr. Rakesh Das is currently working as a National Post Doctoral Fellow in the SMMEE, IIT Ropar.  Before joining here, he was working as a Research Scholar in the Department of Polymer Science and Technology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata.  He was worked on the Ph.D. thesis entitled “Development of Elastomers From Linseed Oil And Vibration Damping Characterization Through A Fabricated Machine”. In this work, he analyzed vibration damping, shape memory, mechanical, nano-mechanical, dynamic mechanical and microstructures of engineering elastomers and nano-composites synthesized from linseed oil. His current research interests are mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of natural structures, soft tissues, bones and also Bionic Engineering, specially dynamics and vibration damping of flying insect. 

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 Name:                                         Praveer Sihota

 Faculty Supervisor(s):                    Dr. Navin Kumar and Dr. Vishwajeet Mehandia

 Email:                                ,   

 Year of joining:                              July, 2015 

 Department:                                 Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Areas of Research:                        Mechanical Characterization of Biological Tissues

 Status:                                         Full time

Contact No.:                                  08289094945


Mr. Praveer Sihota has got his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal (MP) in 2010. He received his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal (Karnataka) in 2013. He did his Master’s thesis from Biomedical Instrumentation Lab at CSIR-CSIO Chandigarh. Subsequently he worked as an SRF at the IIT Mandi and PGIMER Chandigarh prior joining to IIT Ropar.